Starting in 2003 I spent the better part of my life living out of a suitcase while traveling from the US to Europe, and India in a completely unplanned and increasingly extended exodus. For at least ten of those years I had no base. During that time I wrote and published a book about the reason that style of life happened to me. "Goner" was published in 2012 by New Harbinger press in the west and Penguin in Asia. It was also recently translated into Russian. Just as unexpectedly, I've taken up residence in New York for over a year now.  

     I was making pinhole photographs for a long time. Gradually I moved away from those images toward painting because of the ideas I was exposed to and the frustration with the limits of that practice. The ideas for most of my work these days come from an extended exposure to Indian philosophies and the extremes of the country. Gathering notes for years as I moved around, I have now landed in the stability of a studio and these ideas are making their way into the work I do now. 

  Assessing my life as an artist I can only conclude that when it comes to art, I have the determination of a complete idiot and the devotional love of colour and form which Hindus might call of the bhakti school.       

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